Digital Atlas of Minas Gerais' Heritage listed by the Institute of Cultural and Artistic National Heritage

Project aim

The elaboration of an updated Digital Atlas of the historical and cultural heritage of Minas Gerais allows diverse community sectors to know the State’s cultural heritage through a visual and interactive reading of the listed items, presented in maps, photographs, drawings and specific documents. This makes possible a constant evaluation of the physical conditions of that patrimony with the purpose of protecting it.

Besides, one of the features of the Digital Atlas is its comprehensiveness, since it gathers knowledge from various fields such as Geography, History, Archeology, Sociology, Politics, Architecture and Arts, rendering its content richer in variety.

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Macaúbas Monastery

Santa Luzia/MG

Convento de Macaúbas (Macaúbas Monastery), built in 1633, is located on the banks of Rio das Velhas (Velhas River), in the township of Santa Luzia. The project authors are Félix da Costa, Mother Antônia da Conceição and Priest Lourenço Queirós Coimbra. The Monastery has wattle and daub walls, cymatiums in corbels and two closed miradors with voids, like muxarabis (a Moorish balcony protected by a wooden grating), in a building constructed in 1714, where the all girls’ school was placed. In 1733, Capitan João Alves da Costa was hired to construct a new building.

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