Our Lady of the Rosary Church


Description:Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Our Lady of the Rosary Church) is located on the peak of Ladeira do Rosário (a steep road), in the city of Caeté, and dates from the 18th century. The author is unknown. It sits on a high plateau and has a churchyard. There is a cemetery around it, where President João Pinheiro was buried. The building has a simple floor plan: nave, chancel, side corridors and a vestry at the back. The nave is made of stone brickwork, with corners, framing of the spans and fronton decoration in ashlar. The rest of the building is made of mud walls, with wooden-framed voids. The nave ceiling has a painting in late rococo style with a typical Minas Gerais perspective. The altars and chancel-arch have excellent carvings in the Portuguese style. The main altar carvings have the same style but are unfinished.

Situation:The Church belongs to the Irmandade de Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Our Lady of the Rosary Brotherhood) and is still used for Catholic masses, though they do not take place very often due to the precarious state of conservation of the electrical system, and the existence of cracks and mould in the walls.

Inventory information:This building was listed on May 9, 1950, process 408-T-49, registration number 363, in the Fine Arts Book, vol.1, p. 73.

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