Our Lady of Carmo Hermitage


Description:Passo de Nossa Senhora do Carmo (Our Lady of Carmo Hermitage) is located at 205, Carmo Street, in the city of Sabará. Of unknown authorship, it dates from the 18th century. The building has a rectangular one-section plan, a primitive hand-made sun-dried brick structure reinforced by bricks, and a curved gable roof. The façade has cymatiums, corners, door framing and a small spyglass. The shingle paving around the hermitage has a doorsill and a stone entrance step. Inside, the paving is made of flagstone and the side walls are covered with wood and decorated with paintings. The arched ceiling displays a decorative painting in the centre. There is an altar with simple carvings. The Hermitage may have worked as a small independent chapel in the past, dedicated to Saint Luzia, whose image was worshipped in the small altar. Aleijadinho’s participation in the Hermitage ornamentation gives it an amazing touch of dignity and beauty.

Situation:This Hermitage belongs to the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte and is being used for religious ceremonies. It went through reforms in 1938, when the independent wooden structure was reinforced, the walls were erected with brick reinforcement and protected against the action of water, and the paving was completed. In 1958, it went through some repairs in the covering and front wall. According to data from a fieldwork done in 2003, it is in a good state of conservation.

Inventory information:This monument was listed on May 9, 1950, process 408-T-49, registration number 367, in the Fine Arts Book, vol.1, p. 74.

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